South Whitley Funeral Home Records
Whitley County, Indiana
1887-1912 and 1916-1925

In 1994, Wanda Deininger transcribed the early records of the funeral home in South Whitley. Today, this funeral home is known as Smith and Sons Miller Chapel. In her brief introduction to these records Wanda stated: "The names were copied as written in the book. Spelling of names was often incomplete and incorrectly spelled. Not all ages were recorded in records. If they were noted, they were copied herein. The name of the person the bill was presented to was copied as in the book. Sometimes the name could be that of the township official or administrator of the estate of the deceased if not a member of the deceased person's family."

The records as posted here were prepared by Beverly Henley from Wanda's transcriptions which are located at the South Whitley Public Library. I do not know if Smith and Sons Miller Chapel still has the original records or not. Wanda's notation that the names were "often incomplete and incorrectly spelled" is a bit of an understatement. Use your imagination when looking for a name and be sure to look for all possible variations.

There is a gap of nearly four years with partial years in 1912 and 1916. The records start in part 1 with Funeral number 1 on December 28, 1886 and part one continues to Funeral number 1301 on October 16, 1912. Part two starts with Funeral 1518 on September 16, 1916 and goes to Funeral 1995 on April 10, 1925. Part two continues with Funeral 21 on April 12, 1925 and ends with Funeral 42 on July 30, 1925.

There are two sections to each page in the lists of surnames. The first section is for the deceased person, while the second section includes all other people mentioned in the record. The actual transcriptions are in Adobe Acrobat format and there is a separate file for each year.

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South Whitley Funeral Home Records

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