Whitley County Courthouse Clocktower - Photograph by Rebeckah R. Wiseman Index to Guardianship Packets
Whitley County, Indiana

While working as Whitley County File Manager, Kay Craig indexed the Guardianship Packets stored in the archives area. She has made the index available for posting and provided the following information regarding the index and packets:

This index includes most of the guardianship packets from Whitley County, Indiana between the years of 1844 and 1925, although some guardianship packets may have been lost over time. There is duplication of guardianship records in other locations within the archives, so please do not hesitate to contact the archives with searches for other individuals not listed. Also, the index at the archives extends to present day guardianships. The 0000 designates that this packet has no numerical number and is stored in the alpha file.

There are several types of guardianships: guardianship of minor heirs, of the aged and infirm and those of Unsound Mind. Many times the surviving parent in a family was named guardian of surviving minor heirs after the death of one parent.

Copies of any of these records are available through the Whitley County File Manager. The content of each packet varies widely, and should be examined at the archives by you or by a researcher at the archives, before you order any copies. There are several packets that contain more than 100 pages.

The date on these really means very little. It certainly does not reflect a death date of anyone. Some of these lasted for many years, not only as minors grew up, but as the aged or the unsound of mind were 'guarded' for many many years. In fact, the packets that are by far the largest are for those persons who were of age but incapable of managing their own affairs.

Contact the Whitley County File Manager to order copies of the documents in these packets.


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