Whitley County, Indiana Marriages

Although organized in 1835, Whitley County did not become a "legal entity" until the fall of 1838. Settlers may have traveled to Goshen (Elkhart County), Warsaw (Kosciusko County), Huntington (Huntington County), Fort Wayne (Allen County), or Albion (Noble County) to obtain a license. Under normal circumstances, the license was obtained in the county of residence of the bride. In the First Book (1838-1847) exceptions for the residence of the groom were noted.

Marriage Books Transcribed and Inclusive Dates

First Book - September 1838 to July 1847
Book 1 - July 1847 to April 1860
Book 2A - April 1860 to August 1869
Book 2 - August 1869 to November 1876
Book 3 - November 1876 to May 1884
Book 4 - May 1884 through March 1891
Book 5 - April 1891 through September 1898
Book 6 - October 1898 through December 1903
Book 7 - January 1904 through December 1910

- - - - - -  NOTES   - - - - - -

In the First Book, each marriage record was numbered individually. There were no page numbers. Therefore, the "page" numbers in the listings for the first book indicate the record number.

The notes below correspond to the "Notes" codes in the listings.

Notes for First Book (September 1838 to July 1847)
Bk0-01    Mackentire Seymore of Noble County
Bk0-02    No day listed on original return - License issued July 12, 1839
Bk0-03    John Bell of Madison County
Bk0-04    Two records (15 & 101) for Jacob Frederick & Catharine Grable
Bk0-05    Henry Hull of Allen County
Bk0-06    Married "on or about" December 1st
Bk0-07    Perry Robison of Kosciusko County
Bk0-08    Embers M Trumbull of Noble County
Bk0-09    Robert Scott of Noble County
Bk0-10    Solomon Yahne of Huntington County
Bk0-11    From previous readings - pages missing from the book in County Clerk's office
Bk0-12    Date of return - no marriage date recorded
Bk0-13    License issued December 11, 1845 and return made March 18th "married 11th inst"
Bk0-14    Orville Root of Aboite Allen County
Bk0-15    Date of license - no marriage date recorded

Notes for Book 1 (July 1847 to April 1860)
Bk1-01    Miller/Huffman License Issued but Certificate Erased
Bk1-02    License Issued to Andrews/Chaddeayne but certificate is for Schaper/Reese
Bk1-03    Date of License - no certificate issued

Notes for Book 2A (April 1860 to August 1869)
Bk2A-01    Date of License - no certificate issued
Bk2A-02    Letter in record book correcting date of marriage
Bk2A-03    Date of License - no certificate issued - See entry for Book 2A Page 361 - James married Maranda J Ellis on 09-11-1866
Bk2A-04    Refused - married another man

Notes for Book 2 (August 1869 to November 1876)
Bk2-01    License date - no marriage return made

Notes for Book 3 (November 1876 to May 1884)
Bk3-01    License Issued 27 Jan 1877
Bk3-02    License date - no marriage return made
Bk3-03    Grooms first name is written "Mc"
Bk3-04    Bride's first name is written "Frank C"
Bk3-05    Name also written as Joshua Franklin
Bk3-06    No license date or marriage date recorded
Bk3-07    Bride and groom both do have the same last name

Notes for Book 4 (May 1884 through March 1891)
Bk4-01    License date - no marriage return made
Bk4-02    Name also entered as Eldora Alpharetta
Bk4-03    Surname also spelled Scheetzley and Schitzley
Bk4-04    License issued 12/29/1885; returned 03/19/1886 - Marriage Date recorded as 12/30/1886
Bk4-05    Surname also spelled Commcavish
Bk4-06    Return not signed "Rev E.P. Church says performed marriage ceremony Aug 21, 1889"

Notes for Book 5 (April 1891 through September 1898)
Bk5-01    License date - no marriage return made
Bk5-02    Umlat in Lucke
Bk5-03    Has note "do not publish"
Bk5-04    Return signed but no marriage date

Notes for Book 6 (October 1898 through December 1903)
Bk6-01    License date - no marriage return made
Bk6-02    License Date - minister refused to solemnize as the lady lived in Noble County
Bk6-03    License Date - this license was returned unused
Bk6-04    License Date - return signed but not dated

Notes for Book 7 (January 1904 through December 1910)
Bk7-01    Bride's name entered as F Ellen Wilcox AND Florida Wynkoop
Bk7-02    License Date "Never Married"
Bk7-03    License date - no marriage return made

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Whitley County, Indiana Marriages 1838-1910