Whitley County Courthouse Clocktower - Photograph by Rebeckah R. Wiseman Index to
Whitley County, Indiana
Marriage Books 8-16
(1911 - most of 1938)

This index includes Book Eight through Book Sixteen, starting in January 1911 and concluding in the latter part of 1938.

Every effort was made to obtain accurate readings, but, as the legibility of the clerk's writing varied considerably, from record to record and sometimes even within the same record, there is the possibility of misinterpretation. Be sure to check for variations in spelling. Names were transcribed "as they were recorded" without any attempt to "correct" them. Also, within one marriage record the names of the bride and groom were recorded multiple times. Where more than one surname was entered for the same person or if the surname was spelled a different way the surname is written with a slash, such as Alles/Allis. If there was a problem with interpretation it will be shown with a question mark.

The marriage records were transcribed by one person, verified by another, and any discrepancies were checked by yet a third person. It is through the efforts of Beverly Henley, Betty Grable, Jeanette Brown, Joyce Reiff, and Becky Wiseman that this index is now available online. Printed copies of the index in book form will also be made available through the Genealogical Society of Whitley County

The COUNTY ARCHIVES PAGE has information regarding ordering copies of the records themselves and access to the Marriage Books.

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