Whitley County Obituaries

Approximately 100 of these obituaries are from the documentation submitted for the First Families of Whitley County and Pioneer Families of Whitley County. These are programs of The Genealogical Society of Whitley County (GSWC) that honor the early settlers of the county and their descendants. The certificate number issued is included in the contact information at the end of the obituary. Information on these two programs as well as a listing of the approved ancestors and applicants can be found on the GSWC website at First Families of Whitley County and Pioneer Families of Whitley County. A big "Thank You" goes to Barbara Lacy who helped transcribe these for a book that was published by the GSWC.

A notation of "the Scrapbook" in the source section indicates that the obituary came from a scrapbook that was started by Sophia Dunfee Wise who lived in Troy Township. Embossed on the back cover of the scrapbook is "PAT MARCH 1876". After her death in 1916, the scrapbook was passed on to another family member who added a few more articles to it. There are 30 pages in the scrapbook covered on both sides with over 300 newspaper articles, the vast majority are unidentified. Cemetery or other records have been used, where possible, to help provide a clue as to the date of death if none was included in the obituary. For these entries, rather than transcribing the full obituary, they were scanned and abstracted; a link to the scanned copy of the obituary is included for each of these entries.

Unless otherwise noted, the obituaries were contributed by Rebeckah R. Wiseman



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