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Born in Whitley County

— Birth Date — Name(s)
1835-Sep-27 Nickey, Rebecca Jane

1837-Jul-06 Nickey, David W.

1840-Aug-17Pence, George C.
1840-Nov-19 Nickey, Mary A.

1841-Sep-06 Smith, James W.
1841-Sep-17Gradeless, Wells Trader
1841-Nov 8 Pence, Sarah

1843-00-00Hively, W. Irvin

1844-Jan-06 Gradeless, Josiah
1844-Aug-22 Nickey, Addison Boyd
1844-Oct-00 Hively, Henry Clay

1845-Feb-11 Gradeless,Hiram B.
1845-Oct-05 Gradeless, Mary Ellen

1846-May-06Hertsel, Otis S
1846-May-08 Davis, William
1846-Nov-15Hivley, Charles W.

1847-Jul-17 Shriner, Lucinda Jane
1847-Aug-16 Gradeless, Clarissa
1847-Aug-17 Windle, Peter

1848-Oct-00 Vanderwater, Sarah Elizabeth

1849-00-00 Hively, Matthew Hale
1849-May-01 Pence, Clara C.
1849-May-06Mossman, Orpha L.
1849-Oct-05Gradeless, Martha Elizabeth

1850-Aug-07 Hively, Noah Webster
1850-Oct-23 Windle, John
1850-Oct-25 Gradeless, Zena

1851-00-00 Gradeless, Rebecca Jane
1851-Feb-27 Allen, George O.
1851-Jan-03 Knight, Charles Wesley

1852-Aug-20 Mossman, James Albert
1852-Aug-24 Smith, Sylvia Ann
1852-Oct-12 Gradeless, Cynthia
1852-Oct-25 Van Houton, Mary DeLure

1853-Jan-31 Knight, Henry Nathaniel
1853-Oct-29 Briggs, Desta Jane

1854-Mar-19 Shriner, Mary Malisa
1854-Sep-12 Gradeless, Mary Jane
1854-Sep-18Coverstone, William R.

1855-000-00 Welshimer, Millard Filmore
1855-Jan-14 Ireland, Wooster
1855-Apr-09Gradeless, William Henry
1855-Sep-06Knight, William Henry
1855-Nov-05Shriner, John Morgan

1856-May-24Briggs, Sarah Elizabeth
1866-Sep-14 Coverstone, Sarah Elizabeth
1856-Sep-22 Gradeless, Nancy E.
1856-Sep-28 King, Mary Mathilda

1857-000-00 Gandy, William Owen
1857-000-00 Gradelss, Harriet Lavina
1857-Nov-24 Knight, Joseph S.

1858-Feb-24 Knight, Mary E.

1859-000-00 Gradeless, Emma Elmeda 'Ella"
1859-Dec-11Gandy, John Wesley

1860-000-00 Miller, Ellen
1860-Jan-05 Briggs, Clara Ordella
1860-Apr-12 Van Meter, America
1860-Apr-23 Pierce, Sarah Burgess

1861-Jan-25 Shriner, Sarah Elizabeth
1861-Feb-20 Briggs, David Everett
1861-Jun-08 Knight, Emma Jane
1861-Sep-06 Harter, Lydia Ellen
1861-Oct-08 Wolf, Catherine
1861-Nov-03 Smith, Idella A.

1862-Feb-00 Sin, Rozella J.

1863-Jan-05Matthias, William
1863-Jan-23 Nickey, Rheua E.
1863-Apr-05 Briggs, Birt Emmer
1863-Jun-24Knight, Ella Lavina

1864-000-00 Gradeless, Dora L.
1864-Feb-06 Pierce, Eli S.
1864-Aug-04 Flory, Cassius C

1865-000-00Gradeless, Mary Ann
1865-Jun-25 Brigss, Silas Edward
1865-Aug-08 Nickey, Alfred J.
1865-Aug-25 Grayless, Charles L.

1866-000-00 Watson, Frank L.
1866-Apr-16 Gradeless, Mary Margaret Alice
1866-Apr-23 Knight, Dora

1867-Sep-15 Briggs, Stephen Orr

1868-000-00 Anspaugh, Albert J.

1869-Aug-03Knight, Della E.

1870-000-00Grayless, Jennia
1870-000-00 Hively, Virgil Webster
1870-Apr-03 Pierce, Isabella
1870-May-12 Briggs, Charles Norman
1870-Apr-03 Pierce, Isabella
1870-Sep-00 Hively, Ervin J.
1870-Dec-24 Clark, Ida Belle

1871-Mar-03Hively, Florence
1871-Aug-06 Pence, Virgil J.
1871-Sep-07 Davis, Bertha
1871-Oct-22 Chapel, William B.

1872-000-00Gradeless, Cora Alice
1872-Jan-24 Knight, Heber C.
1872-Feb-11 Metzker, Grace Darling
1872-Jul-09 Briggs, Franklin Monroe
1872-Sep-22 Pierce, Samuel W.

1873-Aug-09 Egolf, Theodore Birdsh

1874-Mar-06 Heiny, Milton Dudley
1874-Apr-15 Grayless, Ollie M.
1874-May-24 Windle, Luella May
1874-Nov-07 Hively, Calvin Melvin
1874-Dec-21 Hively, Cora Evelene

1875-Mar-29 Briggs, Frederick Monroe
1875-Apr-19 Davis, Minnie

1876-000-00Hively, Minnie Maud
1876-000-00 Allen, Mildred E.
1876-Apr-20Windle, William Judson
1876-Dec-05 Gradeless, Mary Alice
1876-Dec-15 Bair, Ada E.
1876-Dec-27 Coverstone, Cory

1877-Apr-15Windle, Virgil
1877-Aug-21Davis, Mary
1877-Sep-1877 Raypole, Charles Leonard
1877-Dec-08 Gradeless, (infant)

1878-000-00 Allen, Charley G.
1878-Mar-16 Hively, Rosa
1878-Mar-16Heinley, Lydia E.
1878-Jul-13Gradeless, Luella Maude
1878-Oct 05Coverstone, Eugene
1878-Oct-25Kaler, Walpole
1878-Dec-30 Gradeless, Albert Allen

1879-000-00 Bair, John E.
1879-Jan-22 Hively, (infant)
1879-Feb-25Decker, John Oscar
1879-Apr-24 Gaerte. Melvin Clement
1879-Oct-06 Bair, Osa D.
1879-Nov-00 Shriner, William
1879-Dec-15 Metsker, Lois Frances

1880-Feb-06 Hively, Cora Bell
1880-Apr-21 Windle, Korah
1880-Jun-25Knight, Essie Vernett
1880-Feb-16 Gradeless, Rosa Jane
1880-Oct-4Briggs, Jesse Howard
1880-Oct-18Gradeless, Charles Webster
1880-Nov-10Coverstone, Myrtle

1881-Apr-28 Smith, Archibald Clyde
1881-Jul-06Gaerte, John Travilian
1881-Jul-18 Davis, David
1881-Oct-21Hively, John Arthur

1882-Feb-02Gradeless, David
1882-Apr-05 Windle, Arta B.
1882-May-24 Ball, Ora Estella
1882-Jun-07Davis, Loren (twin)
1882-June-7Davis, Lawrence (twin)
1882-Aug-13 Bair, Timothy Monroe
1882-Aug-05Knight, Rome
1882-Oct-00 Mossman, Bertha Nickey

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