Kelsey Cemetery
Jefferson Township
Whitley County Indiana


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Located at 9440 South on 800 East, the entire cemetery contains the Kelsey family. Bob and Nancy Kelsey copied the cemetery for the Genealogical Indexing Project. Entire cemetery consists of the Kelsey family. Bob and Nancy Kelsey copied the cemetery.

Name Details Location Key

Kelsey Aaron died May 8 1888 aged 55 years 5 months Kelsey
Kelsey Addie born 1875 died 1914 Kelsey
Kelsey Aden H born 1870 died 1893 s/o David H & Hetta R Kelsey
Kelsey Ambrose B aged 10 years Kelsey
Kelsey Benjamin D born 1842 died 1919 Kelsey
Kelsey Caroline born 1865 died 1939 Kelsey
Kelsey Clara M aged 8 years Kelsey
Kelsey David H born 1837 died 1930 Kelsey
Kelsey Edgar E born August 29 1867 died November 30 1889 s/o JH & MJ Kelsey
Kelsey Eliza aged 46 years Kelsey
Kelsey Hetta R born 1836 died 1910 his Wife Kelsey
Kelsey Marietta died February 10 1864 aged 8 years 4 months 29 Days d/o A & R Kelsey
Kelsey Mary born 1802 died 1864 w/o WH Kelsey
Kelsey Mary E born 1863 died 1954 Kelsey
Kelsey Mary Jane born March 10 1844 died April 29 1869 Wife of Jonathan H Kelsey
Kelsey Millie E died February 9 1864 aged 4 years 6 months 5 Days ch/o Rebbecca & Aaron Kelsey
Kelsey Sam B aged 50 years Kelsey
Kelsey Wm H born 1802 died 1865 Kelsey

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