Burch / Ditton Cemetery
Richland Township
Whitley County Indiana


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Evaline Ditton, daughter of Zebulon Burch was reported to be the 2nd death in Richland township. Evaline was the wife of Charles Ditton and bore the third child born in the township then to die 2 weeks after the birth of her daughter. She was then buried on her husband’s farm in section 22. Zebulon Burch, his wife and some other children are reported to have been buried there. Kaler-Maring give report of this in their 1907 History of Whitley County. They also report the accidental death and burial of James Perkins in this same cemetery. Nothing is left.

Name — Description — Location

Burch Anna — — Burch/Ditton
Burch Joel — — Burch/Ditton
Burch Zebulon — — Burch/Ditton
Ditton Anna — died October 17 1837 wife of George Ditton — Burch/Ditton
Ditton Evaline — died October 1 1837 wife of Charles Ditton — Burch/Ditton
Perkins James — died September 14 1839 — Burch/Ditton
Welch David — — Burch/Ditton

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