Jacob Hively Cemetery
Thorncreek Township
Whitley County Indiana


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Jacob Hively was the head of one of the seven families which came together from Ohio to Thorncreek township in 1836. The farm he bought was the southwest quarter of Section 9. The family burial site was made in the northwest corner of the farm. In 1960 three substantial gravestones were standing but there were several sunken graves noted without markers. At present all stones have been removed and the place is now a cultivated field.

Taken from Nellie Raber’s “Eternal Cities of Thorncreek”

Name — Description — Location

Hively Charles W. — died September 10 1870 aged 1 year 2 months 23 days - Son of J.P. & M.M. (mother was Mary Matilda (Stongrong) Hively) — Jacob Hively
Hively Delilah — died May 5 1867 aged 50 years - Wife of J. Hively (Stone broken off and part lost). — Jacob Hively
Hively Jacob — born September 15 1841 died September 28 1841 - Son of J. & D. Hively — Jacob Hively
Hively Jacob — died March 22 1874 aged 69 years 10 months 28 days — Jacob Hively
Hively John P. — died July 23 1870 aged 31 years 5 months 9 days — Jacob Hively

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