Samuel Miner Burial Ground
Union Township
Whitley County Indiana


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Three bronze memorial plaques were dedicated Oct 13, 1969 by the Whitley County Historical Society. One of these 3 sites was that of the Samuel Miner grounds located on 300E a few feet north of the Old Trail Road. Speaker for this memorial was Mrs John Markley. The following is taken from that day.

“There lived in the 14th century a man called Henry whose occupation was mining. His home was in Somersetshire, England. The reigning king was Edward III. Henry was a loyal subject to whose lot fell the task of providing an escort for the king on a journey to France. For this service the king gave him a surname, that of Miner and in addition a coat of arms. Henry died in 1359.

“His descendents lived on in Somersetshire when Thomas Miner of the eighth generation set sail for America in the good ship Arabella which arrived in the harbor of Salem, Mass. on June 14 1630.

“Thomas Miner, the immigrant was born in 1608, married Grace Palmer in 1634 and died in Connecticut in 1690. He was a prominent citizen in Connecticut, was commissioned as a lieutenant, helped found churches, also towns of New London and Stoningtion. His last years were spent in Stonington where he was interred in what is called the old cemetery.

“Six generations of Thomas Miner’s descendants had been in Connecticut where Samuel honored in Whitley county was born about 1795. He married Elizabeth hamilton. In 1816 they were living just south of Rochester, NY, but in 1833 were in Portage county, Ohio. About 1836 they located in what we know as Whitley county on these acres surrounding the monument dedicated Sunday.

“Samuel Miner, the pioneer died in 1862. his funeral service was held in the Columbia City Lutheran Church with the Rev. Kistler of the ME Church officiating. Six of his sons were in attendance.

Name — Description — Location

Miner Betsey — died March 11 1859 aged 63 years 11 months 23 days — Samuel Miner
Miner Minerva — only d/o C C & M E Miner — Samuel Miner
Miner Samuel — died June 6 1862 aged 68 years 6 months 15 days — Samuel Miner

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