Nix Settlement Cemetery
St. Catharine's Catholic Cemetery
Washington Township
Whitley County Indiana


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St. Catherine Catholic cemetery is located just east of State Rd 9 on 1000S and is frequently referred to as the Nix Settlement. The original cemetery was located with the original church on the farm of Nicholas Nix just west of St Rd 9. The church was then moved to its current location on the corner of St Rd 9 and 1000S. The old Catholic cemetery remained where it was for quite a while until the stones were removed to the new site. Most of the moved stones many of them very broken and glued back together were placed together in the NE corner.

The cemetery remains very active with almost as many stones of live people as there are dead. Thelma Eby acting for the DAR read and compiled an index of the cemetery in 1949. Dr. Williamson also printed an index in 1965. 1997 readings were done by Tonya Brown and Jeanette Brown.

The church plots are laid out grid style using letters. We have replaced one set of letters with numbers to indicate the row number starting along the road with row#1. We have kept the letters to indicate which lot within the row. The lots on the west end of the rows are A the next lot in B etc..

Name Details Location Key

Alles Anna born 1868 died 1911 John St. Catherine 9-C-3
Alles Anna Mae born 1922 Herbert J St. Catherine 12-A-1
Alles Frances C born 1905 died 1960 Fred N Florence St. Catherine 11-A-3
Alles Fred N born 1900 died 1987 Florence E Wife of Fred Frances C St. Catherine 11-A-1
Alles Frieda G born 1894 died 1987 Philip T Mother son Joseph G St. Catherine 10-A-1
Alles Herbert J born 1920 died 1992 Anna Mae St. Catherine 12-A-2
Alles John born 1862 died 1920 Anna Wife of St. Catherine 9-C-2
Alles Joseph born 1895 died 1907 St. Catherine 9-C-1
Alles Joseph G born April 5 1921 died September 9 1944 Military stone: 2nd Lt 422 AAF Bomb SQ World War II St. Catherine 10-A-3
Alles Philip T born 1892 died 1973 Frieda G Father Son Joseph G St. Catherine 10-A-2
Alles Florence E born 1895 died 1984 Fred N Frances C St. Catherine 11-A-2
Altman Jessa C born 1907 died 1996 Mary L St. Catherine 4-B-3
Altman Marvin C born February 2 1930 died January 1 1997 Cpl US Air Force St. Catherine 4-C-5
Altman Mary L born 1910 died 1997 Jessa C St. Catherine 4-B-4
Amick Christina M born 1887 died 1966 Lawrence St. Catherine 4-C-4
Amick Elizabeth born July 2 1847 died April 1 1900 aged 52 years 8 months 29 days St. Catherine 2-C-3
Amick Lawrence born 1888 died 1949 Christina M St. Catherine 4-C-3
Amick Mildred L born 1918 Richard J m.July 17 1937 St. Catherine 2-C-1
Amick Richard J born 1918 died 1983 Mildred L married July 17 1937 St. Catherine 2-C-2
Arnold Adam died January 16 1861 son of J & C Arnold St. Catherine 7-D-2
Arnold Louisa died August 18 1853 daughter of Jacob Arnold St. Catherine 12-G-5
Arnold Peter died April 18 186? aged 1 year 10 months 25 days St. Catherine 7-D-1
Baker Al J born 1880 died 1941 Mary M St. Catherine 10-E-1
Baker Gertrude J born 1926 James E St. Catherine 10-G-2
Baker Jacob E died April 14 1887 aged 3 months 6 days son of JA & C Baker St. Catherine 7-D-4
Baker James E born 1924 Gertrude J St. Catherine 10-G-1
Baker Mary born 1881 died 1963 Al J St. Catherine 10-E-2
Baker Theresia M died September 4 1881 aged 10 months 6 days daughter of JA & C Baker St. Catherine 7-D-3
Baker Walter died 1904 St. Catherine 10-E-4
Baltes (Five Infants) St. Catherine 8-D-
Baltes Cecelia M born 1889 died 1964 Michael J St. Catherine 1-F-1
Baltes Katharina died December 30 1860 aged 61 years 3 months 7 days Toch des J & M - (died) Gestorben St. Catherine 12-G-2
Baltes Michael J born 1881 died 1939 Cecelia M St. Catherine 1-F-2
Bauer Agnes M born 1926 Magdalene Leo J & Cora G St. Catherine 2-B-1
Bauer Anna born 1864 died 1943 Joseph F St. Catherine 1-B-1
Bauer Anna E born September 9 1884 died August 15 1906 Sophia John C and Mary M St. Catherine 1-E-1
Bauer Catherine born 1850 died 1912 Peter His Wife St. Catherine 1-C-2
Bauer Cora G born 1896 died 1975 Leo J Magdalene & Agnes St. Catherine 2-B-2
Bauer Edward G born 1890 died 1939 Margaret T St. Catherine 4-B-1
Bauer Elizabeth died April 22 1867 aged 14 years 5 months 3 days daughter of G & M Bauer St. Catherine 5-D-1
Bauer George died February 17 1889 Margaret St. Catherine 5-D-3
Bauer George W died August 19 1899 aged 38 years 5 months 29 days St. Catherine 1-C-1
Bauer John C born September 26 1858 died October 17 1914 Sophia Mary M & Anna E St. Catherine 1-E-3
Bauer Joseph F born 1864 died 1942 Anna St. Catherine 1-B-2
Bauer Lena born 1891 died 1975 St. Catherine 2-B-5
Bauer Leo J born 1896 died 1967 Cora G Magdalene & Agnes St. Catherine 2-B-3
Bauer Magdalene born 1925 died 1925 Leo J Cora G & Agnes M St. Catherine 2-B-4
Bauer Margaret died June 12 1855 aged 8 months daughter of G & M Bauer St. Catherine 5-D-2
Bauer Margaret died May 19 1875 aged 48 years 10 months 25 days George St. Catherine 5-D-4
Bauer Margaret T born 1887 died 1964 Edward G St. Catherine 4-B-2
Bauer Mary B born December 31 1884 died October 12 1906 St. Catherine 1-D-2
Bauer Mary M Sophia John C and Anna E St. Catherine 1-E-2
Bauer Peter born March 6 1848 died March 14 1902 Catherine St. Catherine 1-D-1
Bauer Sophia born August 11 1859 died July 24 1919 John C Mary M and Anna E St. Catherine 1-E-4
Bauer Willard born 1903 died 1931 St. Catherine 1-B-3
Becker Catharine died December 21 1869 Peter St. Catherine 7-C-3
Becker Peter died March 22 1866 aged 65 years 11 months 21 days Catharine Wife of Peter Becker St. Catherine 7-C-4
Bower Elizabeth died 1867 aged 14 years Alt 14 Ihr St. Catherine 5-C-5
Brommer Catherine born 1802 died 1884 Ferdinand St. Catherine 8-F-3
Brommer Earl J born 1902 died 1982 Mary M St. Catherine 7-A-2
Brommer Elizabeth born 1875 died 1946 Joseph St. Catherine 3-F-2
Brommer Enid M born 1907 Oscar G St. Catherine 3-F-4
Brommer Ferinand born 1800 died 1880 Catherine His Wife St. Catherine 8-F-4
Brommer Grigor born February 20 1831 died December 4 1879 John M Mary St. Catherine 3-E-3
Brommer John M born December 5 1868 died March 13 1883 aged 14 years 3 months 3 days Mary Grigor St. Catherine 3-E-2
Brommer Joseph born 1875 died 1943 Elizabeth St. Catherine 3-F-3
Brommer Mary born April 26 1843 died June 27 1903 aged 50 years 2 months 1 day Grigor John M St. Catherine 3-E-1
Brommer Mary M born 1902 died 1975 Earl J St. Catherine 7-A-1
Brommer Michael born April 29 1839 died May 3 1910 aged 71 years 1 month 2 days St. Catherine 3-B-4
Brommer Oscar G born 1904 died 1992 Enid M St. Catherine 3-F-5
Brommer Paul born 1907 died 1908 St. Catherine 3-F-1
Brommer Steven K born 1941 died 1997 St. Catherine 3-G-1
Cayot Harold L born 1924 died 1997 Edith I St. Catherine 5-G-2
Cayot Edith born 1924 Harold St. Catherine 5-G-1
Deville Catharine A died October 20 1873 aged 15 years 11 months daughter of John Deville St. Catherine 5-E-3
Deville John died April 15 1866 aged 48 years 11 months 28 days St. Catherine 5-E-4
Deville Phillimina E died October 22 1875 aged 7 years 6 months daughter of John Deville St. Catherine 5-E-1
Deville Rosa C died May 15 1876 aged 14 years 15 days daughter of John Deville St. Catherine 5-E-2
Dunnuck James G born 1939 Jean A St. Catherine 13-C-2
Dunnuck Jean A born 1940 died 1977 James G St. Catherine 13-C-3
Eckert Agnes E born 1902 died 1996 Paul J St. Catherine 2-A-3
Eckert Paul J born 1900 died 1970 Agnes E St. Catherine 2-A-4
Eker Anna C born July 11 1882 died March 17 1900 Joseph Mary Helena S. Magdalena & Anthony J St. Catherine 10-D-4
Eker Anthony J born October 26 1875 died November 7 1929 Joseph Mary Helena S Anna C & Magdalena St. Catherine 10-D-6
Eker Helena S born October 26 1877 died October 30 1895 Joseph Mary Anna C Magdalena & Anthony J St. Catherine 10-D-3
Eker Joseph born November 11 1840 died July 8 1897 Mary Helena S Anna C Magdalena & Anthony J St. Catherine 10-D-2
Eker Magdalena born November 19 1812 died February 19 1896 Joseph Mary Helena S Anna C & Anthony J St. Catherine 10-D-5
Eker Mary born April 9 1846 died August 23 1933 Joseph Helena S Anna C Magdalena & Anthony J St. Catherine 10-D-1
Fisher Sharon A born April 10 1942 died December 29 1989 Von E married Jun 11 1960 St. Catherine 13-D-4
Fisher Von E born August 5 1937 Sharon A married Jun 11 1960 St. Catherine 13-D-3
Frazier Genevieve E (Hine) born December 5 1914 George St. Catherine 9-G-1
Frazier George born February 22 1913 died May 22 1997 Genevieve E (Hine) St. Catherine 9-G-2
Frick Catherine born 1883 died 1941 Monroe H Paul St. Catherine 7-F-1
Frick Monroe born 1878 died 1962 Catherine Paul St. Catherine 7-F-3
Frick Paul C born 1923 died 1945 Monroe H Catherine Fighter Pilot lost in Pacific St. Catherine 7-F-2
Gelzleichter John born July 3 1835 died October 1 1898 St. Catherine 2-F-1
Hain Peter F died May 1866 aged 16 years St. Catherine 12-G-6
Helvie Linda Kay born October 4 1956 died January 15 1957 Lorin F Virginia A St. Catherine 1-F-5
Helvie Lorin F born June 2 1916 died December 19 1985 Virginia A Linda Kay IN Vol Fireman Assoc St. Catherine 1-F-4
Helvie Virginia A born July 4 1918 died January 25 1992 Lorin F Linda Kay St. Catherine 1-F-3
Herrberg Jacob born 1866 died 1937 Margaret St. Catherine 2-E-2
Herrberg Margaret born 1868 died 1935 Jacob St. Catherine 2-E-3
Hesting Betty Louise died 1939 St. Catherine 9-B-3
Hesting John E born 1879 died 1930 Rosa M St. Catherine 9-B-2
Hesting Lawrence R born March 8 1915 Waneta V St. Catherine 9-B-5
Hesting Lucille M born 1918 Walter J St. Catherine 4-A-2
Hesting Rosa M born 1879 died 1936 John E St. Catherine 9-B-1
Hesting Walter J born 1913 died 1976 Lucille M St. Catherine 4-A-1
Hesting Waneta V born July 2 1918 Lawrence R St. Catherine 9-B-4
Hilligoss Dolores C born January 23 1917 Max L St. Catherine 9-F-1
Hilligoss Max L born June 12 1917 Dolores C St. Catherine 9-F-2
Hine Clarence W born August 12 1907 Ruth E married Jan 21 1928 St. Catherine 13-B-3
Hine Ruth E born September 15 1906 Clarence W married Jan 21 1928 St. Catherine 13-B-4
Hinen Robert M born 1930 Ruth Joan St. Catherine 12-F-3
Hinen Ruth Joan born 1932 Robert M St. Catherine 12-F-2
Hollenbaugh Paul R born 1913 died 1981 Deloris St. Catherine 4-D-2
Hollenbaugh Deloris C born 1913 died 1986 Paul R St. Catherine 4-D-1
Howser Frank died March 19 1882 aged 60 years 5 months 29 days St. Catherine 5-F-
Hyde Agnes A born 1897 died 1987 Charles A St. Catherine 14-E-1
Hyde Charles A born 1899 died 1943 Agnes A St. Catherine 14-E-2
Jackson Brice D born 1919 died 1979 Dorethea St. Catherine 6-G-2
Jackson Dorothea J born 1914 died 1978 Brice D St. Catherine 6-G-3
Johnson Andrew R born 1902 died 1983 Cornelia E St. Catherine 1-B-5
Johnson Cornelia E born 1890 died 1963 Andrew R St. Catherine 1-B-4
Kelley Josephine J born 1879 died 1962 St. Catherine 4-F-1
Kline George O born 1908 died 1982 Marie M married Thanksgiving Day 1933 St. Catherine 4-C-1
Kline Marie M born 1911 died 1989 George O married Thanksgiving Day 1933 St. Catherine 4-C-2
Koch John born 1820 died 1880 Maria G St. Catherine 2-D-4
Koch Maria G born 1831 died 1905 John St. Catherine 2-D-3
Kumfer Ava M born 1917 Ava M St. Catherine 4-F-3
Kumfer Edward E born February 18 1947 died May 11 1968 Victoria M Our dau Renee M & Tina A St. Catherine 13-E-1
Kumfer Elmer E born 1917 Elmer E St. Catherine 4-F-2
Kumfer George born 1891 died 1978 Margaret Mother St. Catherine 4-F-5
Kumfer Jamie J died 1970 St. Catherine 12-F-1
Kumfer Margaret born 1894 died 1938 George St. Catherine 4-F-4
Kumfer Renee M Edward E Victoria M Tina A St. Catherine 13-E-3
Kumfer Tina A Edward E Victoria M Renee M St. Catherine 13-E-4
Kumfer Victoria M born February 5 1945 died August 12 1986 Edward E Our dau Renee M & Tina A St. Catherine 13-E-2
Lang Carl born 1891 died 1945 Louise St. Catherine 2-F-2
Lang Louise born 1901 died 1973 Carl St. Catherine 2-F-3
Mathieu John H born 1912 died 1974 Portia L St. Catherine 6-E-2
Mathieu Joseph F born 1918 died 1963 St. Catherine 6-E-1
Mathieu Portia L born 1915 died 2000 John H St. Catherine 6-E-3
May Catherine wife of George St. Catherine 12-G-1
Meyer Celia E born 1908 died 1930 St. Catherine 8-B-5
Meyer Edward H born 1881 died 1978 Rosa C St. Catherine 8-B-3
Meyer Elizabeth born 1855 died 1941 Joseph St. Catherine 8-B-2
Meyer Elizabeth born 1895 died 1985 John J St. Catherine 8-A-2
Meyer F/O Mark A born 1924 died 1944 US Army Air Forces St. Catherine 10-B-1
Meyer Fred F born 1891 died 1954 Minnie E Father St. Catherine 10-B-3
Meyer Gail F born 1922 Marcella H married May 11 1946 St. Catherine 10-B-5
Meyer John J born 1888 died 1968 Elizabeth St. Catherine 8-A-1
Meyer Joseph born 1848 died 1935 Elizabeth St. Catherine 8-B-1
Meyer Marcella H born 1922 died 1996 Gail F married May 11 1946 St. Catherine 10-B-4
Meyer Minnie E born 1891 died 1952 Fred F Mother St. Catherine 10-B-2
Meyer Rosa C born 1882 died 1953 Edward H St. Catherine 8-B-4
Ness Alfred born 1866 died 1947 Caroline St. Catherine 5-C-1
Ness Anna M born 1908 died 1959 Roma C St. Catherine 4-G-2
Ness Anthony born October 16 1830 died December 8 1909 Catharine St. Catherine 5-C-4
Ness Barbara C born 1887 died 1974 St. Catherine 6-B-5
Ness Caroline born 1873 died 1954 Alfred St. Catherine 5-C-2
Ness Catharine died July 8 1890 aged 58 years 4 months 21 days Anthony St. Catherine 5-C-3
Ness Charles born 1856 died 1924 Elizabeth T Martha G St. Catherine 3-B-2
Ness Edward P born 1899 died 1976 Florence C St. Catherine 3-A-2
Ness Elizabeth J born 1860 died 1952 John St. Catherine 6-B-2
Ness Elizabeth T born 1859 died 1941 Charles ,Martha G St. Catherine 3-B-1
Ness Florence C born 1901 died 1985 Edward P St. Catherine 3-A-1
Ness Jason Carl died 1972 St. Catherine 4-G-3
Ness John born 1852 died 1938 Elizabeth J St. Catherine 6-B-1
Ness Joseph born 1885 died 1952 St. Catherine 6-B-3
Ness Martha G born 1896 died 1896 Charles Elizabeth T St. Catherine 3-B-3
Ness Roma C born 1902 died 1954 Anna M St. Catherine 4-G-1
Ness Theresa M born 1896 died 1984 Mother St. Catherine 6-C-1
Ness William J born 1902 died 1970 St. Catherine 6-B-4
Nix Alfred J born 1911 Marion E St. Catherine 13-A-1
Nix Aloysius J born 1870 died 1950 Rosa E St. Catherine 11-E-1
Nix Ancil A born 1905 died 1948 St. Catherine 2-E-1
Nix Anna F born 1885 died 1978 St. Catherine 7-G
Nix Anthony born October 16 1830 died December 8 1900 (from records) St. Catherine
Nix, Catharine died Jul 8 1890 aged 59 years 4 months 21 days wife of Anthony (from records) St. Catherine
Nix Catharine died August 3 1876 aged 76 years 7 months 2 days Nicholas St. Catherine 8-F-2
Nix Catharine died November 16 1866 aged 60 years Nicholas Son Peter St. Catherine 11-B-6
Nix, Helen born 1912 died 1913 (from records) St Catherine 11-E-3
Nix Henry M born 1878 died 1960 Minnie E St. Catherine 5-B-2
Nix Hildegard M born 1913 died 1989 Sylvester J married Feb 20 1939 St. Catherine 11-G-2
Nix Irene M born 1904 died 1973 St. Catherine 5-B-3
Nix Jacob died January 30 1856 St. Catherine 12-G-4
Nix Jennifer Mae born 1981 died 1997 St. Catherine 6-G-1
Nix John B born 1859 died 1942 Mary A St. Catherine 3-C-2
Nix Kenneth W born August 16 1906 died May 20 1995 Mary Ann St. Catherine 5-A-2
Nix Lawrence born 1882 died 1904 St. Catherine 10-F-1
Nix Lois Mae born 1926 Raymond L St. Catherine 11-F-4
Nix Lorena born 1883 died 1883 St. Catherine 8-E-4
Nix Margaret born 1845 died 1911 Mother St. Catherine 10-F-2
Nix Margaret born 1870 died 1966 St. Catherine 11-F-6
Nix Marion E born 1919 Alfred J St. Catherine 13-A-2
Nix Mary born 1814 died 1963 St. Catherine 11-C-
Nix Mary A born 1873 died 1938 John B St. Catherine 3-C-1
Nix Mary Ann born August 18 1912 Kenneth W St. Catherine 5-A-1
Nix Mary B St. Catherine 7-F-4
Nix Menna C born 1882 died 1976 Peter J St. Catherine 8-E-2
Nix Minnie E born 1878 died 1968 Henry M St. Catherine 5-B-1
Nix Nicholas died April 29 1861 aged 66 years 3 months 28 days Catherine His Wife St. Catherine 8-F-1
Nix Nicholas died August 1 1893 aged 65 years Catharine His Wife Son Peter St. Catherine 11-B-5
Nix Nicholas born 1858 died 1930 St. Catherine 11-F-5
Nix Nichols died March 7 1868 St. Catherine 8-E-5
Nix Peter born 1867 died 1867 Nicholas Catharine St. Catherine 11-B-7
Nix Peter J born 1872 died 1934 Menna C St. Catherine 8-E-1
Nix Philip born 1887 died 1887 St. Catherine 8-E-6
Nix Raymond L born 1916 died 1964 Lois Mae St. Catherine 11-F-3
Nix Robert P born 1875 died 1948 St. Catherine 8-E-3
Nix Rosa E born 1885 died 1958 Aloysius J St. Catherine 11-E-2
Nix Sylvester J born 1909 died 1979 Hildegard M married Feb 20 1939 St. Catherine 11-G-1
Nix Walter J born 1904 died 1970 St. Catherine 5-B-4
Rose Frances O born 1904 died 1981 St. Catherine 7-D-5
Sandmeyer Dewey O born February 18 1899 died September 24 1976 Pvt Us Army WWI St. Catherine 13-F-5
Scheiber Elizabeth R born April 23 1930 Robert F St. Catherine 13-B-2
Scheiber Jacob died Oct 4 ?? St. Catherine 12- G -8
Scheiber Maria died Septempber 11 1860 aged 4 years 3 months 23 days toch des D & E St. Catherine 12-G-7
Scheiber, Mary M St. Catherine 12- G- 9
Scheiber Mary M died September 1868 daughter of J & M Scheiber St. Catherine 12-G-8
Scheiber Robert F born September 17 1926 died May 12 1980 Elizabeth R St. Catherine 13-B-1
Scheiber William A died September 14 1862 aged 10 days son of J & M Scheiber St. Catherine 12-G-9
Schmitt Maria died September 11 1860 aged 4 years 3 months 23 days Toch des D & E Gestorben St. Catherine 12-G-3
Sickafoose Celestine C born 1917 Walter R married Nov 12 1938 St. Catherine 13-D-2
Sickafoose Richard D born 1940 died 1962 St. Catherine 10-E-3
Sickafoose Walter R born 1915 died 1992 Celestine C married Nov 12 1938 St. Catherine 13-D-1
Sloan John born 1864 died 1932 Mary St. Catherine 4-E-1
Sloan Mary born 1863 died 1940 John St. Catherine 4-E-2
Smith Andrew J born April 27 1906 died September 12 1906 St. Catherine 9-D-1
Smith Anna L born 1871 died 1963 Jacob W St. Catherine 10-C-2
Smith Anthony J born 1900 died 1901 Clara A John & Josephine St. Catherine 8-C-4
Smith Barbara born 1828 died 1906 John P St. Catherine 7-E-5
Smith Catharine A born 1912 died 1933 Peter J Mary T St. Catherine 7-E-1
Smith Clara A born 1872 died 1900 John Josephine & Anthony St. Catherine 8-C-1
Smith Daniel born February 19 1822 died April 18 1908 Elizabeth St. Catherine 9-D-3
Smith Daniel T born 1867 died 1925 Mary M His Wife St. Catherine 9-E-2
Smith Elizabeth died September 16 1900 aged 77 years 7 months 11 days Elizabeth His Wife St. Catherine 7-C-1
Smith Elizabeth born May 27 1830 died October 19 1902 Daniel St. Catherine 9-D-2
Smith Gaylen E "Ed" born September 23 1937 Shirley A m. May 1958 St. Catherine 6-D-3
Smith Jacob W born 1864 died 1931 Anna L St. Catherine 10-C-3
Smith John born 1856 died 1920 Clara A Josephine & Anthony St. Catherine 8-C-2
Smith John P born 1817 died 1907 Barbara His Wife St. Catherine 7-E-6
Smith Josephine born 1872 died 1917 John Clara A & Anthony St. Catherine 8-C-3
Smith Mary M born 1871 died 1953 Daniel T St. Catherine 9-E-1
Smith Mary T born 1876 died 1930 Peter J Catherine A St. Catherine 7-E-2
Smith Michael died August 21 1892 aged 79 years 4 months 21 days Michael St. Catherine 7-C-2
Smith Peter J born 1872 died 1952 Mary T Catherine A St. Catherine 7-E-3
Smith Shirley A born April 9 1938 Gaylen E "Ed" m. May 1958 St. Catherine 6-D-4
Smith Tressa born 1894 died 1975 St. Catherine 10-C-1
Smitt Karl St. Catherine
Swain Jack J born 1926 died 1960 Phyllis M St. Catherine 2-G-1
Swain Phyllis M born 1931 Jack T St. Catherine 2-G-2
Sweeney Elsie L born 1905 died 1913 Robert J Guy J Helen C St. Catherine 11-D-5
Sweeney Guy J born 1901 died 1913 Robert J Elsie L Helen C St. Catherine 11-D-4
Sweeney Harold T born 1914 died 1964 St. Catherine 1-A-1
Sweeney Helen C born 1912 died 1913 Robert J Guy J Elsie L St. Catherine 11-D-6
Sweeney Kathryn M born 1868 died 1947 Miles J St. Catherine 11-D-2
Sweeney Miles J born 1862 died 1940 Kathryn M St. Catherine 11-D-1
Sweeney Robert J born 1897 died 1913 Guy J Elsie L Helen C St. Catherine 11-D-3
Teusch Edward J born 1907 died 1975 Odelia St. Catherine 6-A-2
Teusch Marilee J born July 5 1932 Robert E m. Jan 21 1956 St. Catherine 6-D-2
Teusch Odelia born 1908 died 1952 Edward J St. Catherine 6-A-1
Teusch Robert E born December 20 1929 Marilee J married Jan 21 1856 St. Catherine 6-D-1
Walter Peter died August 22 1851 aged 3 years son of J & L Walter St. Catherine 12-G-7
Webb Cleo born 1900 died 1991 Emerson Our dau Marjorie Deloris St. Catherine 11-B-2
Webb Deloris born 1934 died 1936 Emerson Cleo Marjorie St. Catherine 11-B-4
Webb Emerson born 1894 died 1962 Cleo Our dau Marjorie Deloris St. Catherine 11-B-1
Webb Marjorie born 1939 died 1939 Emerson Cleo Deloris St. Catherine 11-B-3
Whener Margaret born 1860 died 1881 St. Catherine 7-E-4
Wirtz Clara H born 1883 died 1968 Louis A St. Catherine 6-C-2
Wirtz Louis A born 1887 died 1976 Clara H St. Catherine 6-C-3
Wolf Ada M born 1899 died 1968 Alfonse A St. Catherine 1-A-3
Wolf Alfonse A born 1903 died 1956 Ada M St. Catherine 1-A-2
Wolf Donald James born February 24 1933 died March 15 1976 St. Catherine 13-C-1
Wolf James T died 1941 St. Catherine 1-G-4
Wolf John R died 1943 St. Catherine 1-G-3
Wolf Mary born 1866 died 1957 Michael Father St. Catherine 4-E-4
Wolf Mary K born 1904 died 1949 Michael J St. Catherine 1-G-1
Wolf Michael born 1859 died 1941 Mary His Wife St. Catherine 4-E-3
Wolf Michael J born 1907 died 1986 Mary K St. Catherine 1-G-2
Yaste Eva born 1821 died 1897 Peter St. Catherine 2-D-2
Yaste Peter born 1823 died 1888 Eve St. Catherine 2-D-1
Yeast Elizabeth died December 2 1901 aged 80 years 2 months 19 days Eve Michel St. Catherine 3-D-2
Yeast Eve. died April 16 1871 aged 18 years 1 month 9 days Elizabeth Michel St. Catherine 3-D-1
Yeast Michel died September 15 1869 aged 51 years 2 months 5 days Elizabeth Eve St. Catherine 3-D-3

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